Are you excited about Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix’s release? Because, Square Enix will not let up. Square Enix has decided to bless us with 17 high quality screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Re Coded Screenshots, which will appear in High Definition cinematic cut scene. These scans were brought to usContinue Reading

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In their August 7th issue, which was released late July 2014 Famitsu weekly previewed Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX. This issues comes with 4 great scans of  the cenematics from Kingdom Hearts: Re Coded. These se scans show off  worlds such as Agrabah, The Datascape, Castle Obilivon and a few more.Continue Reading

Re Coded and 358 2 Days Manga Hey guys, today is March 12, and this is the weekly KHPlanet news update!  Re:Coded- I’m not going to say a whole lot with this because it’s pretty simple, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded is number one best seller on the market in the U.S.Continue Reading

I must sincerely apologize for my lack of news. My life has been crazy insane over the past few months. Though it’s not becoming much better, I decided I have to update on the news. Also due to busy life and this responsibility, I will just go to doing aContinue Reading

Good evening everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying your day, I know for Kingdom Hearts fans over in Japan sure are! Kingdom Hearts Re Coded Release Today (technically tomorrow, but it’s going on right now for Japanese people) was Kingdom Hearts Re Coded Release Day over in Japan.Continue Reading

Sorry it’s been a while! More news for all of you. So a little earlier today news was released about a new Kingdom Hearts game coming out this January for Japan. This new Kingdom Hearts game will have English voice acting and many more extra stuff versus the English version.Continue Reading

Hello, lovers of Kingdom Hearts and all things RPG. Today, we have exciting news! If you’re like me, then you enjoy the fine craft of art and talent that goes into graphics making, so you’ll enjoy that Kingdom Hearts Re Coded’s Box Art was revealed some time ago, and itContinue Reading

Hey guys, finally some new news. Today (or rather yesterday in Japan) the official Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded website was updated with brand new content. Many new features were added such as world information as well as new character information (Warning: the character information may be a spoiler for those thatContinue Reading