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Our Kingdom Hearts Forum has officially switched forum software from VBulletin 3.8 to XenForo 1.4. VBulletin 3.8 was deprecated, outdated, and insecure. All the more reason to upgrade. Our current layout is the default layout for Xenforo. The staff will be working on a custom layout specifically for KHPlanet. XenforoContinue Reading

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Kingdom Hearts Planet is finally due for an upgrade from its previous theme, KHPlanet 2.0, and it is my pleasure to announce that, that time is now! KHPlanet v3 or version 3 is now finished! Keep in mind, it’s very basic at the moment, but it has a few coolContinue Reading

KHPlanet feedback

  KHPlanet Feedback KHPlanet feedback time! Hey, KHPlanet members, we are looking for feedback from you! KHPlanet and its staff members try its very best to make the forum and main site to be as comfortable and enjoyable to ALL members and Kingdom Hearts or non-Kingdom Hearts gaming fans.  SoContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts DeviantArt Hey Keybladers! KHPlanet has always about giving our members what they want. We strive to look after our members so we are pleased to announced that we have now opened up a DeviantArt group page and a Google+ group page. This move is to get our activityContinue Reading KHPlanet Facebook and Twitter We are very pleased to announce that the KHPlanet site now has opened up a Facebook and Twitter page. That’s right! KHPlanet Facebook and KHPlanet Twitter are availabe to you. Now, you have easier access to Kingdom Hearts and Square Enix news. If youContinue Reading

Fourth of July If you’re from America or Japan, Happy Fourth of July from the KHPlanet Staff. Enjoy your cook outs, careful with the fireworks, and enjoy your own nations patriotism. Come tell us how you are celebrating/did celebrate Fourth of July on our friendly forums. Also a reminder thatContinue Reading

And now to interview this kind young man who has some spark! Keybladelegacy! 1. How old are you? Take a wild guess. I am 17 years old! 2. What do you like about KHPlanet so far and what are your experiences? Well, what isn’t there to like? The members areContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D News Now that the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3D has been announced for Japan, Square Enix is now trying to push their agendas even more as it takes on the world by storm. Square Enix will be releasing a ten year anniversary Kingdom Hearts box thatContinue Reading

Here is The Knight of Awesome interview! 1. How old are you? 17. 2. Which Kingdom Hearts series was your favorite? Oooh tough one… I really loved Days, but I often like to get nastolgic and play KH1 every once in a while. Still Days is my favorite 3. WhichContinue Reading