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  Square Enix and Disney have announced the long-awaited arrival of The Kingdom Hearts series on the PC which is coming to the Epic Games Store. The release is March 30th, 2021. The game was showcased at the Epic Games Store Spring Showcase 2021. PC players will be able to playContinue Reading

Sora throne

The Kingdom Hearts series is home to some of the most heartwarming friendships in the video game industry. Trios of friends whose destinies are intertwined and so closely knit. Their stories are so sad and sweet; it’s enough to make you cry and I’m here to rank them. 5.Hayner, PenceContinue Reading

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 In a recent Famitsu Interview, Ichiro Hazama (KH Series Producer), Masanobu Suzui (KH Melody of  Memory Co-Director), and Tetsuya Nomura ( Kingdom Hearts Series Director) were interviewed  about the development of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. They revealed the games original narrator, pandemic delay issues, plans for DLC, new gameplay screenshotsContinue Reading


A wonderful cast of Disney characters, familiar friends, and foes await players in this all new adventure. Experience musical exploration as you traverse through worlds jammed-packed with fun and exciting rhythm-action challenges. Collecting and mastering over 140 songs from the entire series. What a great day to be a KingdomContinue Reading

Onward Family KHUX

Disney and Pixar’s latest animated feature release in Japan – Onward was announced in a new collaboration themed event. Taking place in the highly popular mobile-RPG Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross]. Until September 1st, players can engage in challenges that will gain them in-game medals. Modeled after the films leadContinue Reading


The Keyblade, a mystical and magical weapon that a user with a strong strength of will and heart can summon forth. Wielders of this weapon use them to protect the light or seek the dark. There are many different Keyblades within the Kingdom Hearts series and these are the bestContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 Cover Art

Kingdom Hearts 3 is officially available today, January 29, 2019! After almost 17 years from the initial release of Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation 2, several spin-offs and remixes, and multiple delays in development, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here to conclude the long running Xehanort Saga. Xehanort, a masterContinue Reading