Kingdom Hearts 3 Cover Art

Kingdom Hearts 3 is officially available today, January 29, 2019! After almost 17 years from the initial release of Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation 2, several spin-offs and remixes, and multiple delays in development, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here to conclude the long running Xehanort Saga. Xehanort, a masterContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 Cover Art

Square Enix teases an extended Big Hero 6 trailer and reveals the official Kingdom Hearts 3 cover art plastered with some of the series most iconic heroes designed by the Kingdom Hearts director himself, Tetsuya Nomura. In the trailer, we see more of San Fransokyo gameplay and a new groupContinue Reading

KH3 Sora, Baymax and Heartless Baymax Big Hero 6

Square Enix reveals Big Hero 6 Trailer at Tokyo Game Show. About three years ago at D23, San Fransokyo was revealed as a world for KH3 but it wasn’t far in development so no gameplay was shown. Now, you can see San Fransokyo and a few of the Big HeroContinue Reading

KH3 Pirate Sora - Pirate of the Caribbean

Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature Pirates of the Caribbean which was revealed at Sony’s Press Conference. During PlayStation E3 conference, another trailer of upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 was shown. Sora, Donald, and Goofy will set sail once again on the Black Pearl in Pirate disguises. New information includes: Command theContinue Reading

KH3 Ratatouille

Square Enix unveils their extended trailer of the one shown by Microsoft at their Press Conference. The trailer includes Pixar’s Ratatouille, the inspiring rat chef, Remy, who turns garbage boy, Alfredo Linguini to a Class-A chef, is now making his way to Sora. New Information includes: New Attraction Flow basedContinue Reading

During Xbox Press Conference prior to E3 2018, a brand new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer was shown highlighting Disney’s critically acclaimed Frozen as a new world featuring some of the movie’s most iconic characters such as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff. Not much can top the adorable Olaf but moreContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 Logo

Square Enix unveiled Kingdom Hearts 3 release date before E3 2018 at Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert in Los Angeles. The official release of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be January 29 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts 3 was previously slated for a 2018 release date, not surprisingContinue Reading


Recently (May 17 2018), Square Enix invited the press to an event in Santa Monica, California where they were able to play a brief demo of Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring Olympus (Hercules World) and Toy Box (Toy Story World). Several exciting mechanics and characters made an appearance specifically Ralph fromContinue Reading

KH3 Mini-games

Fans celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X and gathered in Los Angeles, California for the Dandelion Meeting. The Dandelions are a Kingdom Hearts X reference where one of the Keyblade Masters, Ava of the Vulpes Union, is tasked with recruiting Keyblade Wielders regardless of which union theyContinue Reading