Re Coded Preview January 2011?

Sorry it’s been a while!

More news for all of you. So a little earlier today news was released about a new Kingdom Hearts game coming out this January for Japan. This new Kingdom Hearts game will have English voice acting and many more extra stuff versus the English version. If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m referring to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Birth by Sleep. Nothing real clear quite yet, but it sounds like this game will also be available for the PSP. Thanks to forums member StarKiller.

Re Coded

Those of you who are like me and have no access to Japanese games I’m sure aren’t real happy about this new game. So this isn’t everything I’m leaving you at today. Today I got an email from GameSpot on Kingdom Hearts Re Coded. The GameSpot team was able to test out Kingdom Hearts re Coded. They reviewed the game which you can find a link to here.

Also a bit more additional information. First off, if you’re taking news from or, a link back to us would be appreciated, time is taken out of our busy schedule to search for the latest news updates. Also remember to PM me your short stories, I didn’t get around to it this past Sunday, but I hope to this Sunday, and I haven’t received as many short stories I was hoping to receive.

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