If you are into mangas or graphic novels, then you’ll love Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: The Novel. Like Kingdom Hearts: The Novel, you’ll be able to experience the creative works of Shiro Amano, re-live the adventures of Chain of Memories, and it’ll only cost you $20. Check out moreContinue Reading

kingdom hearts hd trailer

KHPlanet is pleased to announce to the fans the new Kingdom Hearts HD Trailer! It is a new compilation on the PlayStation 3 with an HD remix of Kingdom Hearts and Re: Chain of Memories. The HD version will also have cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days video game as well. You can access andContinue Reading

Axel I distinctly remember, back in high school, our French class was doing a project to learn how to write and pronounce family members and we were asked to make a family tree with these titles. Since we had been allowed to use any sorts of pictures, one girl, andContinue Reading

The introduction of Organization XIII into the Kingdom Hearts franchise created endless possibilities for the continuing of Sora’s story and adventure. Thirteen new, mysterious and tricky villains would harbor new obstacles, worlds, possibilities, and alliances in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Although having said that even something as fresh andContinue Reading

The concept of Chain of Memories is that it encompasses all of the events after Kingdom Hearts and before Kingdom Hearts II. As an avid fan of this franchise I purchased Chain of Memories straight after replaying the first game in the hope of discovering some great missing bits ofContinue Reading