Kingdom Hearts 3D Famitsu

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance is featured in Famitsu’s August 13th issue. It would seem that 50 enjoyable titles were selected and recommended as must-plays for the summer on the Nintendo 3DS, and Kingdom Hearts 3D made the cut! I’m no translator, but I’m assuming the game was rankedContinue Reading

And we are back once again with more Kingdom Hearts news! To get started, let us start with what has been going on with the Kingdom Hearts franchise in the last two weeks!   New Tron Kingdom Hearts Figures, Puzzle & Other Sales!     For all of the Kingdom HeartsContinue Reading

Hello everyone! We have more exciting news concerning the Side Riku Novel. Scans and artworks of Side Riku have surfaced, artwork sketched by Shiro Amano. Thanks to FF-Union and okikuta on Twitter! Beware that they do contain SPOILERS! View them below or visit Side Riku at Square Enix e-Store. SideContinue Reading

New Kingdom Hearts Figurine Sets

New Kingdom Hearts figurine sets from Volume Three Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts and Dream Drop Distance Play Arts appeared at the TGS 2012 event! A few examples are below. Are you thinking about buying one of the new Kingdom Hearts figurine set that Square Enix released? Are the figurines appealing to you? ChatContinue Reading

The Kingdom Hearts 3D and Nintendo 3DS Sales. It is interesting to see how the sales of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance have made in the past few months. The Kingdom Hearts 3D game sold over 200,000 last month and with the Nintendo of America information, by not counting theContinue Reading

Square Enix has recently updated their Kingdom Hearts 3D international websites with new content, specifically the Gameplay and Downloads sections. The “Gameplay” section has newly included trailers for the basics of combat and further trailers will be added in a later update. As for “Downloads”, the updates include wallpapers, FacebookContinue Reading

Side Riku

Side Riku Earlier this year on June 28th, the Game Novel “Side Sora” became available through Square-Enix estore and now its counterpart, Side Riku, is scheduled for release September 27th, 2012 for 800 yen approximately $10.19 USD. Like its predecessor, the novel will consist of 242 pages. Side Riku isContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a great addition to the series as Kingdom Hearts fans celebrate its 10th Anniversary, thanks to the game’s new features and the well designed nature of the worlds but unfortunately Sora and Riku’s latest adventure hasContinue Reading

Hello everyone, The review of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is coming soon but right now, I wanted to inform you of this message which is given to players at the end of the game. Kingdom Hearts 3 Hinted by KH3D Secret Message The past will be reawakened as aContinue Reading