Re Coded and 358 2 Days Manga

Re Coded and 358 2 Days Manga

Hey guys, today is March 12, and this is the weekly KHPlanet news update! 

Re:Coded- I’m not going to say a whole lot with this because it’s pretty simple, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded is number one best seller on the market in the U.S. A round of applause to that.

358/2 Days- Again not going too far in depth, but the cover for the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga cover has been released. It looks pretty sweet!

Japan- This is where I’m directing all my attention to. If you don’t know about this, get out from under the rock.

As of Friday March 11(for the Japanese and some Europeans, Saturday March 12) an 8.9 magnitude struck off shore of Japan. This massive earthquake is the largest in Japan’s history. The earthquake caused tsunamis across the Pacific where people in Alaska and Hawaii haven’t gotten it. This earthquake is much worst that the quake in Haiti last year.

Square Enix has twittered “The Earthquake. We are OK… thanks for the messages” so we can be assure that they’re ok and so are other large developers such as Sony.

Our hearts here at Kingdom Hearts Planet go out to the people of Japan and all their love ones. We are sending our prayers and hope that soon love ones will be reunited and the country can begin to rebuild.

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