Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Release

Hey! How’s it going? Me, ah just been busy, that’s all. Busy in which I need to apologize to all of you for not updating with news. As is from the news I have missed, I’m not sure where to start.

Well I haven’t been able to update you a lot with the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Basically, this is, like Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix is an exclusive Japanese game. As you all should know, Americans and Europeans were treated special when we gained some extra the original Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in Japan didn’t have, until now. The new final mix will have all of those plus much, much more. The release of game in Japan will be January 20, 2010. Those of you interested in the game, you can purchase through

On some other news that you may be interested in, this is also a…

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

A while back(about the beginning of October, sorry folks), the secret video from the Japanese Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded was released. This secret video hints at something? What nobody is quite sure. There are many theories on what. Could it be the theme of Kingdom Hearts 3D? Is this the announcement for Kingdom Hearts III? Nobody knows. However, it’s a great watch anyways.

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