Kingdom Hearts Update

I must sincerely apologize for my lack of news. My life has been crazy insane over the past few months. Though it’s not becoming much better, I decided I have to update on the news. Also due to busy life and this responsibility, I will just go to doing a weekly update every Saturday on news over the week.

~KHPlanet Forums:

I will from now on be keeping the main site update on some of the forums news. To start off, the forums has just changed their staff around. A few staff members have been dismissed, but will surely be missed. Today new members to staff have been added: LDC1121, a past staff member from 2009, and Ultimastar. LDC1121 will be moderating the kingdom hearts games section alongside me, Ultimastar is our new member of the graphics team. From the main site, congratulations you two and I can’t wait to see the update forums staff.

That’s is not the only change, the color for different groups have changed. The graphics team is now purple from a dark red to purple, vets are now yellow and bold.

~Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded:

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded came out a while back, and though I have not gotten to play the game myself yet, I’ve heard mixed reviews. I have personally watched the Japanese secret video at the end which is the same in the other releases.

May I be the first to say, that secret video is quite epic and if you have no plans to get the game, definitely check out the video on youtube.

~Kingdom Hearts 3D= Kingdom Hearts Dream, Drop, Distance:

This is by far the game I’m most excited about, perhaps more excited for it than I was for BBS. The new title, Kingdom Hearts 3D(renamed Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance) features Sora and Riku as co-protagonist in their Kingdom Hearts appearance and attire. The game is said to resolve around a dream and the Mark of Mastery Test which we can clue in on being set up by Yen Sid, or more so known as Master Yen Sid.

In the game you will switch between Sora and Riku who are the games co-protagonist. This isn’t like a game where you hit a button and you can freely switch, it is not optional as you switch between the two. The two them are still awesome anyways, right?

The new game is also going to feature new Disney Worlds, one of which is the Bell Tower World, which makes us wonder what world that could be featured after.

A debut trailer was released for the game, you can find it and some other details for the game here, More Kingdom Hearts 3DS Details at C3 News

Tetsuya Normura, Kingdom Hearts Director, has stated that this new installment will be bold and daring. Hold on to your keyblades, Kingdom Hearts Fans!

~A New Game… Kingdom Hearts 3:

A new Kingdom Hearts game has been rumored and pretty much confirmed by Normura in a recent interview with Famitsu. He stated in his interview the hints being sent out about Kingdom Hearts 3 are true, and after 5 years since the last true major installment of the game, we are now finding out about this new game.

Normura stated in his interview that the Kingdom Hearts 3 will be known how the game evolves while playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (3D).

These are the only details we truly have about Kingdom Hearts 3, but let’s look forward to more news!

~Additional Staff:

I did not mention this on the previous article for the forums staff(though he is added to the forums staff as well, just not a mod or anything) we have a new writer for the main site. He is a former writer here, I’m sure some of you will know who I’m talking about. Due to my schedule and not always constantly getting updates through, sorabrawl, will be joining me here on the main site. Sorabrawl is a huge Square Enix fan period with him all of you can look forward to not just Kingdom Hearts news but overall Square Enix news.

I will be doing the weekly article probably every Saturday, while sorabrawl handles other details. Though I’m still sort of the main site writer, please look forward to seeing sorabrawl as he helps out.

That’s basically the news, can’t wait to see what news progresses through the week, like usual, discuss on our forums, here.