Great Increase of Kingdom Hearts 3D and Nintendo 3DS sales

The Kingdom Hearts 3D and Nintendo 3DS Sales.

It is interesting to see how the sales of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance have made in the past few months. The Kingdom Hearts 3D game sold over 200,000 last month and with the Nintendo of America information, by not counting the Mark of Mastery Edition, there were over 180,000 games sold. The NPD company decided to place Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance at #3 behind New Super Bros 2 and Darksider 2 on their #10 charts.  What is great about the sales is that because of Kingdom Hearts 3D and New Super Bros 2, the increase of the Nintendo 3D software went up by 36%, making 170,000 sales in August. It is because of the New Super Bros 2 sales with 240,000 units sold is what made the 3DS products became popular. Because of the New Super Bros 2 game having a great start, the Nintendo 3D XLS will now be increasing interest in: “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D”, “Kid Icarus: Uprising” and “Mario Kart 7”. The company  is hoping that the game system will sell even better during the holidays.

New Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario Bros 2 - Kingdom Hearts 3D and Nintendo 3DS Sales

The classic series of Mario always brings back memories. New Super Mario Bros 2 gives you the main goal and obvious mission: To save Princess Peach once again but this time, from Bowser’s children. However, while players are working on saving the Princess, there is another mission: To obtain one million gold coins. This added mission will keep many players on their toes as they travel through the six different levels to find the coins. What is nice about the game is that it provides more challenges. Each of the worlds has many routes, some with alternate exits  and some requiring the use of the star coins to be opened. The three star coins on each of the world however, are hidden very well so this increases the gameplay time. As an added bonus, there are two secret worlds but there are hidden exits that can take you there. New Super Mario Bros 2 also features a co-op system and a mode called “Coin Rush”.  Coin Rush challenges players to collect as many coins as possible within the time limit on random levels and only one life to complete the task. The game also provides new and old power-ups.  Coin blocks can be worn on Mario’s head after depleting their coins, a golden flower turns Mario into gold to give him the power to shoot gold fireballs (Which also can turn bricks into coins) and gold circles turn all enemies into gold and it results in more coins, making everything a gold coin spree. The mega and mini mushrooms returns on some of the levels and the Fire Flower and the Leaf powerup (Which turns Mario into his Raccoon form) returns and are most common.  Although New Super Mario Bros 2 is similar to its predecessor, the game proves to be a great game.

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