More Kingdom Hearts Franchise Goodies!

And we are back once again with more Kingdom Hearts news! To get started, let us start with what has been going on with the Kingdom Hearts franchise in the last two weeks!   New Tron Kingdom Hearts Figures, Puzzle & Other Sales!     For all of the Kingdom Hearts figurine lovers out there, if you love Sora and Riku in their Tron: Legacy outfit in Dream Drop Distance, then you are in luck! There are figurines that will be released on March 8th 2013 for ¥ 6,073 ($75.74 USD) each! Amazon Japan has more information. In addition to the figurines, there will also be a 2,000 puzzle piece featuring a CGI artwork of Sora, Donald, Riku, Goofy and Mickey. It cost ¥ 3,834 (roughly $47.77 USD) and will be available on November 23, 2012 on Amazon Japan. If you are also a fan of music, The Greatest Video Game Music 2 album, played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra led by Andrew Skeet, is already released with “Fate of the Unknown” from Birth by Sleep as a part of the album! All fans can buy the album on iTunes for $7.99 USD or Amazon for $18.10 USD. But hold it right there! There’s more! On Black Friday from November 22 – November 24, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be on sales at Best Buy for only $14.99! Now that is a great deal! Hurry and buy it within that time frame though. It is half of the original price. Best Buy Kingdom Hearts 3D Sales A WallPaper!    If you want a new Kingdom Hearts wallpaper to put up in your room, then you should buy the fourth 10th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary wallpaper made by Shiro Amano. Like what you’ve read? Comment on it! We hope that one of these piece of information on Kingdom Hearts interested you!

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