Kingdom Hearts 2 Volume 10

Alright manga-lovers! Kingdom Hearts 2 Volume 10 will officially be released August 22 2015 in Japan. This will be the manga’s final volume after 8 long years (going on 9) of publication. The official cover art of the 10th volume can also be viewed in the image above, illustrated byContinue Reading

KHPLanet Graphics - Kingdom Hearts Avatars 200 X 200 Sora

This year time seems to be flying past us. It seemed like just yesterday that the San Diego Comic Con started. Back at this years event it was revealed that there would be new Kingdom Hearts II Sora and Roxas Play Arts Kai set to release. Earlier this week HidemiContinue Reading

New Kingdom Hearts Figurine Sets

New Kingdom Hearts figurine sets from Volume Three Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts and Dream Drop Distance Play Arts appeared at the TGS 2012 event! A few examples are below. Are you thinking about buying one of the new Kingdom Hearts figurine set that Square Enix released? Are the figurines appealing to you? ChatContinue Reading

We are pleased to announce that the Square Enix e-Store has shown two new images that will be part of a boxset of KH 10th Anniversary Fan Selection. As a reminder, the OST will cost 3,500円 (roughly $45.01 USD) and will be released on September 19th! KH 10th Anniversary Fan Selection For more informationContinue Reading

Yoko Shimomura, the series composer, has tweeted the official box art of Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection Melodies and Memories, part of Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary, which you can view below. Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection Melodies and Memories Check out the tweet yourself! Yoko Shimomura|下村陽子 The tracklistContinue Reading

My name is Dylan. I’m a staff member here at KH-Planet. I manage our small but (hopefully) soon to expand YouTube channel also I’m suppose to be writing content for the main site, but with Square and Tetsuya being so busy or otherwise being secretive about what they have planned;Continue Reading

We have plenty of Kingdom Hearts Scans for you. Famitsu is promoting the release of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. In a 24 page spread sheet, Famitsu features a timeline from Kingdom Hearts onset to present day, global fan-art, comments fromContinue Reading

Keyblades For as easily as I can blindly love a game and ignore its faults, there are simply some instances in a story or within the midst of gameplay where I stop and realize, wow, that was just stupid. Regardless of my affection for the Kingdom Hearts series and theContinue Reading