Axel Quinton Flynn, the voice of Axel, has recently been on a Kingdom Hearts podcast called Organization XIII Podcast and he has confirmed that he has not been contacted about any future Kingdom Hearts projects. So, at this very moment, Axel fans, the character will not be returning any timeContinue Reading

KH3D and FF13 Kingdom Hearts production is in full swing over in Japan and Tetsuya Nomura has recently had an interview with the highly regarded Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu. He has stated that the 3DS title, Dream Drop Distance “is in 40%-50% production.” Meanwhile, another Japanese magazine called JumpContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D Possible Pre-Christmas Release Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is rumored to be released before Christmas of this year, according to Emily Rogers, a reliant source of information. In a press conference, called E3, Nintendo will unveil its full 2011-2012 lineup for the Nintendo 3DS and the unannouncedContinue Reading

Hey, been awhile, miss me? I’ve been mighty busy with school, a new job, and some other stuff, but luckily for updates, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news, until now. As of yesterday E3 press conferences started(I unfortunately was still in school then had some other things thatContinue Reading

I must sincerely apologize for my lack of news. My life has been crazy insane over the past few months. Though it’s not becoming much better, I decided I have to update on the news. Also due to busy life and this responsibility, I will just go to doing aContinue Reading

Earlier today Tetsuya Normura twittered about trailers and news for some of the upcoming games for the Tokyo Game Show. His exact message is below. Tetsuya Nomura Quote and Kingdom Hearts 3D Weather sure is nice. Good morning! Last night I talked with Taba-chan about various things. 3rd Birthday ofContinue Reading