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The staff here at Kingdom Hearts Planet have been working really hard to give you guides, lists, stats, and a mess of other things Kingdom Hearts related. So we’ve embarked on a series of Kingdom Hearts pages, which gives you tips and tricks on Kingdom Hearts games. Finally, the KingdomContinue Reading

We are pleased to announce that the Square Enix e-Store has shown two new images that will be part of a boxset of KH 10th Anniversary Fan Selection. As a reminder, the OST will cost 3,500円 (roughly $45.01 USD) and will be released on September 19th! KH 10th Anniversary Fan Selection For more informationContinue Reading

Yoko Shimomura, the series composer, has tweeted the official box art of Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection Melodies and Memories, part of Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary, which you can view below. Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection Melodies and Memories Check out the tweet yourself! Yoko Shimomura|下村陽子 The tracklistContinue Reading

We have plenty of Kingdom Hearts Scans for you. Famitsu is promoting the release of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. In a 24 page spread sheet, Famitsu features a timeline from Kingdom Hearts onset to present day, global fan-art, comments fromContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 will have to wait! Thanks to one of our readers, we’ve been provided with the following news from Examiner and VGChartz. Nomura’s recent interview with Japanese magazine, Famitsu, has given fans some seriously unsettling news about the future of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Another Spin Off TitleContinue Reading

We love Kingdom Hearts We’re all members of this website because despite our different opinions in regards to video games, we all love Kingdom Hearts! Now what is it exactly that draws us to this unique universe? Here are some specific points in the first game that I think willContinue Reading

Keyblades For as easily as I can blindly love a game and ignore its faults, there are simply some instances in a story or within the midst of gameplay where I stop and realize, wow, that was just stupid. Regardless of my affection for the Kingdom Hearts series and theContinue Reading

Donald and Goofy Understandably, one of the first things that scares off potential players of Kingdom Hearts is that not only are Walt Disney’s Donald and Goofy main characters, they are your teammates from beginning to end. Upon my purchase of Kingdom Hearts, a good friend shook his head andContinue Reading