The introduction of Organization XIII into the Kingdom Hearts franchise created endless possibilities for the continuing of Sora’s story and adventure. Thirteen new, mysterious and tricky villains would harbor new obstacles, worlds, possibilities, and alliances in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Although having said that even something as fresh andContinue Reading

Square Enix and Xbox 360 Hiroshi Takai, involved with battle design for Legend of Mana (PS2), co-directing The Bouncer (PS2) and  directing The Last Remnant (Xbox 360), which came out in 2008, recently was interviewed by journalists about The Last Remnant and asking why they made a 360 exclusive. “It’s beenContinue Reading

Fresh into the new year I took a look at how Square Enix faired against its competition on the 2007 Japanese sales charts (results sourced from Media Create).   Square Enix – 2007 Japanes Sales Charts As expected Square Enix’s top selling game was Dragon Quest IV which sold 1,052,827 copies positioning it as the 9th mostContinue Reading