Five Reasons You Love Kingdom Hearts

We love Kingdom Hearts

We’re all members of this website because despite our different opinions in regards to video games, we all love Kingdom Hearts! Now what is it exactly that draws us to this unique universe? Here are some specific points in the first game that I think will provide a myriad of different answers. Please feel free to put your own answers in the comment box below! Remember, this is for the first game only, not 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 2, Coded, or Chain of Memories.

Was it the Keyblade? The Magic? The Characters?

1. What was your favorite Disney world to visit?
Halloween Town and Wonderland, definitely. I’m a sucker for Tim Burton to begin with, so being stuck in Halloween Town with Elfman’s music and Sora and crew sporting their own costumes was just adorable and fun. Wonderland on the other hand wasn’t my favorite because it had the same enjoyment and excitement as Halloween Town but because of how the developers were able to implement such a bizarre story into a game so well.

2. What was your least favorite Disney world to visit?
Atlantica. I despised the swimming controls, but I think that annoyance was compounded by the fact The Little Mermaid was probably one of my lesser favorite Disney films. Donald as an octopus was kind of creepy, too.

3. What was your favorite ability Sora learned?
Flying, oh it was totally the flying ability. I know outside of Neverland it was more gliding than anything, but when I was first able to fly around Big Ben in London, after completing Neverland, there was something so magical about it. I felt like a little girl, screaming, ‘look, I’m flying with Peter Pan!’

4. What Disney character were you most excited to use on your team?
Beast! I know his castle was featured in the second game, but remember Beast was a team member when Sora was left behind at Hollow Bastion. He’s an unstoppable tank and it’s his level of defense which makes him ideal when it’s just him and Sora, since his protection gives the player time to change between keyblade offense and magic. That was helpful while the team was one member short. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, too, so just the chance to fight with him to save Belle, oh it was too cool.

5. What moment in the entire game moved you the most?
I’ve already established how much of a nerd I am for the Hollow Bastion area, so my favorite moment was when Donald and Goofy left Sora behind to follow Riku and our poor hero was left with nothing but a wooden sword and Beast. Every time I replay the game, that moment always pulls on my heart.

You’re Turn!

Fill out these questions with your own answers below and let’s find out what we, as players and fans of this series, how much we love Kingdom Hearts.

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