What to expect at Tokyo Game Show 2011?

The Tokyo Game Show is only a few weeks away and we can’t help but speculate over what Square-Enix has coming for us.

We already know that Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, thanks to the fact that its already 40% complete, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be coming in 2012 but what hasn’t been revealed are the release dates of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Volume 2 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Could we finally hear word of Versus XIII or see a demo? One can only hope.

Tokyo Game Show

Riku in Dream Drop Distance

What unannounced games could we see in Japan’s highlight video game event? One game comes to mind, and that is the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Collection. Time and time again, Nomura has been quoted to want to celebrate Kingdom Hearts’ 10th Anniversary and in the Famitsu magazine, he has told the press that they were creating “HD Tests.” Wouldn’t it be the perfect time to release a trailer for one of the most wanted franchises to be re-released on PlayStation 3? We, at KHPlanet, can’t wait to hear more about it! Another game would be the infamous Dragon Quest X, which was confirmed to release on the Wii but with the Wii U just around the corner, it would be difficult for the game to sell units. Expect a trailer for the next epic adventure in the Dragon Quest series!

Tokyo Game Show 2011 is sure to be a fantastic event brimmed with new reveals, demos and release dates. We may want Nier 2, or Dragon Quest X or even Kingdom Hearts 3 but who knows? We may see something that surprises us! The Tokyo Game Show of 2011 begins on 15th September 2011 until the 18th. Check KHPlanet for updates during the big three days of Japanese Gaming!

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