Square Enix has released a new journey for players to embark on, Dragon Quest Tact, which has already surpassed 10 million downloads in Japan since July of last year. Fans all around the world can now download Dragon Quest Tact from the App Store and Google Play Store. While playingContinue Reading

Jump Festa

Hey Keybladers! We come to you with some exciting news today. The Square-Enix line up for Jump Festa has been revealed. During this year’s Jump Festa, Square-Enix will be having playable demos and video debuts for the attendees at their convenience. Date: December 22-23 2012. Check it out here! JumpContinue Reading

Today is the opening of TGS 2012 in Japan! In addition, the TWEWY album is now officially released! The TWEWY site also have been updated with ten samples of their songs.  You can listen to them on  YouTube. The TGS Convention also won the 2012 Stockman Prize award this year.Continue Reading

Bravely Default Flying Fairy by Square Enix will have four new jobs that the protagonist of the game can use. In addition, there will also be four new Jobmasters. The Swordmaster, Pirate, Ninja and Chemist class will be released. Characters Jobmasters Kamiizumi, Captain Barbarossa, Kikyou and Kusurishi Kada will also comeContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts Music Update

Square Enix Music As there is a lot of music being produced in the gaming industry, there is one album that is catching many interests. The London Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing many memorable and loveable music pieces from different games which will be released on November 6th, 2012. What isContinue Reading

TGS 2012 Information & Cost

Now that Dream Drop Distance has been released and many Kingdom Hearts fans are enjoying the game, Square Enix are now pushing their other projects and taking them to the grand TGS 2012 event. There are a few good games to mention that may be interesting. EMPERORS SAGA – TGSContinue Reading

Unfortunately, the reveal is not The World That Ends With You 2 but it is a game called Catacombs. Created by the makers of Nier, Cavia, is a game which places four characters called Matt, Carlos, Gina and Nguyen being trapped inside the Museum of Natural History in New York.Continue Reading

Besides the fact that Kingdom Hearts news has been coming, Sony and other Japanese news has their shares of greatness lately. PS Vita and Sony There has been many rumors stating that the selling and developing of the PS Vita Project will stop. The Sony Vice President of World WideContinue Reading