Pixar’s Onward Event in KH Union X

Onward Family KHUX

Onward Family KHUX

Disney and Pixar’s latest animated feature release in Japan – Onward was announced in a new collaboration themed event. Taking place in the highly popular mobile-RPG Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross].

Until September 1st, players can engage in challenges that will gain them in-game medals. Modeled after the films lead characters, Barley and Ian Lightfoot. Brothers who embark on an incredible journey to bring their father back and reclaim the magic that’s lost from their world.

KHUX Information of the event below:

  • Login Bonus – Players can collect these brand-new medals and corresponding trait medals. In addition to other rewards, as a login bonus during the campaign period.
  • Weekly Jewel Extravaganza – Players will receive the 2 new medals, the corresponding trait medals, access to special quests, and extra jewels by purchasing this pack. Available August 24th.
  • Event Reward – Players can also earn the Ian, Barley and corresponding trait medals through an in-game themed special event.

Kingdom Hearts Union X is a free to play mobile-RPG that has you in control of your own Keyblade Wielder. Relive moments of the past and uncover secrets of before the ancient Keyblade War. Players can also enjoy a new original story in Kingdom Hearts DARK ROAD. A unique mobile experience within the Union X app, where you play as Young Xehanort alongside his classmates in the land of Scala ad Caelum and see, why did he become a seeker of darkness?

For more information on the Onward collaboration please visit the Kingdom Hearts Union X Twitter Account.