Kingdom Hearts 3 Available Now!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Cover Art

Kingdom Hearts 3 is officially available today, January 29, 2019! After almost 17 years from the initial release of Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation 2, several spin-offs and remixes, and multiple delays in development, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here to conclude the long running Xehanort Saga.

Xehanort, a master manipulator, and central antagonist in the franchise has orchestrated many events in the Kingdom Hearts series. He has destroyed the lives of Ventus, Aqua and Terra. Additionally, he has had a hand in the calamity that befell Destiny Islands for our modern day heroes, Sora, Riku and Kairi. Sora must finally band to together with friends to defeat Xehanort’s reincarnations (again) and put an end to Xehanort and the darkness that follows or lose everything. “On that land shall darkness prevail and light expire.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 introduces a few new exciting elements such as:

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  • Pixar Worlds – Tetsuya Nomura wouldn’t have done KH3 without the rights to use Pixar assets.
  • Keyblade Transformations – The ability to transform the Keyblade into various configurations. Each Keyblade has two transformations.
  • Attraction Flow – Sora can summon amusement Disney-based park rides in battle.
  • Links – These are summons which allow Disney/Pixar characters from other worlds to aid Sora in battle.Kingdom Hearts 3 Cover Art