My most humble apologies for the lack of news this month, I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Thankfully, we haven’t missed much. What I do have to share is a snippet from the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Ultimania hand guide, translated by HEARTSTATION, with Tetsuya Nomura and his discussion onContinue Reading

We recently announced that, according to an interview done with Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 was not going to be the next game announced in the series. Courtesy of Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, we have a translated version of that interview’s main points.   Nomura Interview – We’re anxious when it comesContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3

Despite the insane love, Square-Enix have been showing their gamers; for example,  producing 358/2 Days that pleased all of the Organization XIII fans and Birth By Sleep to deepen the universe of Kingdom Hearts by introducing ‘keyblade apprentices’ as well as princesses we’ve only glimpsed at, such as Cinderella, it’sContinue Reading