Kingdom Hearts 2 Live Playthrough – Come join me!

My name is Dylan. I’m a staff member here at KH-Planet. I manage our small but (hopefully) soon to expand YouTube channel also I’m suppose to be writing content for the main site, but with Square and Tetsuya being so busy or otherwise being secretive about what they have planned; I’ve decided to make a bit of my own news.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Live Playthrough

The long and short of it is that I’m streaming Kingdom Hearts 2 Live Playthrough on my channel, the footage will probably then be posted on the KH-Planet YouTube page.

However, being a man of frankly too many words, here’s a longer article explaining what I’m doing and why.

It all began several years ago, 2005 most likely. When I was introduced to Final Fantasy VII, given that copies were hard to find back then, like the sad soul that I am, I endlessly read my tattered Brady Games walkthrough guide. Treating it like some kind of massive novel, I would read a few pages a day, digesting both the story and game. Soon, I knew it’s mechanics back to front, understood almost all of the boss fights and managed to find a copy of the game. I’m proud to say that I still own both to this day, and I am slightly saddened to admit that I have never completed the game because of the quest for a golden chocobo got in my way, after which the save file became corrupt.

This got me hooked on any and all RPGs. I had mistakenly assumed that they were all very similar, and the sight of Kingdom Hearts 2 in a PlayStation 2 magazine had made my heart leap. It combined the creators of my favourite game with the beloved characters of my favourite films (I am at this point, quite young).

It stood alone as the only item on my Christmas list that year. My parents always hung my stocking on the door, and the same year my eyes awoke to the sight of KH2 sticking out of it. I decided that it was too early to wake my parents, so I sat on my bed surrounded by the confectioneries in my stocking and it got stuck into Kingdom Hearts 2. I don’t think I even touched the sweets.

Of course the game throws you in at the deep end, if you’ve never played Chain of Memories (and even then you’d still be confused), but nevertheless, after an hour of working through the Roxas prelude story that noone would truly understand for another 4 years, I took control of Sora, though I hadn’t even left Twilight Town. I was already in love with the game.

Thus circumstances led me to this website, where I have been a member for almost 4 years, though I have drifted away; I have recently came back, and I have decided to reignite my passion for these games with a live playthrough of the game that started it all for me.

That’s where my story reaches the present time, a touching tale; I’m sure you’ll agree. The live stream will be starting as soon as I can get it working, so chances are, if you’re reading this then you’ve already missed the beginning. Oh noes! However, there’s plenty of game, head on over to my channel and you too can tell me how bad I am at the game and what to do!