Kingdom Hearts 3 will have to wait! Thanks to one of our readers, we’ve been provided with the following news from Examiner and VGChartz. Nomura’s recent interview with Japanese magazine, Famitsu, has given fans some seriously unsettling news about the future of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Another Spin Off TitleContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3

Despite the insane love, Square-Enix have been showing their gamers; for example,  producing 358/2 Days that pleased all of the Organization XIII fans and Birth By Sleep to deepen the universe of Kingdom Hearts by introducing ‘keyblade apprentices’ as well as princesses we’ve only glimpsed at, such as Cinderella, it’sContinue Reading

Square Enix and Xbox 360 Hiroshi Takai, involved with battle design for Legend of Mana (PS2), co-directing The Bouncer (PS2) and  directing The Last Remnant (Xbox 360), which came out in 2008, recently was interviewed by journalists about The Last Remnant and asking why they made a 360 exclusive. “It’s beenContinue Reading

Hi, I just wanted to post about the great games coming out next year from Square Enix and 2009 has a fantastic lineup of games coming out from the company.   Square Enix Games Here, I will be listing all Square Enix Games ranging from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, andContinue Reading