A wonderful cast of Disney characters, familiar friends, and foes await players in this all new adventure. Experience musical exploration as you traverse through worlds jammed-packed with fun and exciting rhythm-action challenges. Collecting and mastering over 140 songs from the entire series. What a great day to be a KingdomContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album Mickey Donald and Goofy

One of the aspects that makes Kingdom Hearts, so mind-numbingly addictive is the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. So if I were to mention a Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album, what would be your reaction? Well, whatever it is; start reacting, because the Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album is set to release sometime inContinue Reading

Kairi: Useless or Not?

Kairi, the main female protagonist in the KINGDOM HEARTS series, is a character  we have all grew to love (or hate in some cases) has often been questioned about her relevance to the story. With some hardcore fans being pro Kairi , we find just as many fans being completelyContinue Reading

  Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX V-Jump Magazine Scans Hey Keybladers, We have some updated news for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX. Latley, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX has been receiving a lot of magazine recognition. V-Jump being one of them. The scan below is from latest issue of V-Jump Magazine. TheContinue Reading

As you all know, Kingdom Hearts is known for its secret ending. It’s either in the form of beating the game at a higher difficulty or collecting all known items. Well, Kingdom Hearts 3D is no different. The Kingdom Hearts 3D Secret Ending is on Youtube. And now for theContinue Reading

Websites, games radar and VE3tro have been releasing new screenshots of Birth By Sleep, including those with English subtitles. Check out a few nice shots here. Image 1: Shows the world, Radiant Gardens, and a King Mickey wielding the StarSeeker keyblade defending a Kairi and Aqua. The caption is KingContinue Reading

Keyblades For as easily as I can blindly love a game and ignore its faults, there are simply some instances in a story or within the midst of gameplay where I stop and realize, wow, that was just stupid. Regardless of my affection for the Kingdom Hearts series and theContinue Reading