The official teaser website for Square Enix’s next standalone title in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI has been announced. Mainline Final Fantasy games are completely new experiences, and also a great way to get into the series. This website showcases newly revealed key artwork for the innovative action-RPG,Continue Reading

opus xii

  Available now is the latest card set of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, Opus XII: Crystal Awakening. This booster set includes new Multi-Element cards, which combine the strength of two different elements, but to cast the card, it requires players to leverage both elements. Brand-new artwork and originalContinue Reading

During Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase Event, Square Enix revealed their next highly anticipated title in the Final Fantasy series, FINAL FANTASY XVI. It’ll be a collaboration between Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai. Below you can read comments from Yoshida and Takai Producer Naoki Yoshida “How did you enjoy the trailer? TheContinue Reading

The final arc of Shadowbringers released on August 11 2020, titled Reflections in Crystal, includes new content such as NieR-inspired YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid, new dungeon / trial battles and adjustments for new players. This new player experience for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online offers an extended free trial thatContinue Reading

The Voracious Resurgence Key Art by Akihiro Yamada

      Square Enix recently released part one of a new story series, alongside an August update for the long running MMORPG Final Fantasy XI Online, titled The Voracious Resurgence. Adventurers can explore the mysteries of Vana’diel’s past that has long been shielded from view; the catalyst of whichContinue Reading


Earlier this week Famitsu, the Japanese video game magazine, released 15 pages of interviews, polls, segments, and images of Final Fantasy VII Remake featuring developers Nomura, Kitase, Hamaguchi, and Toriyama. According to @aitaikimochi, who graciously translated portions of the magazine, mentions that the next installment of Final Fantasy VII RemakeContinue Reading


In less than 2 weeks it will be the 19th year anniversary of the critically acclaimed RPG, Final Fantasy X. The game stars Tidus, a Blitzball player who’s life is thrown asunder when Sin destroys his home town of Zanarkand. On his journey to defeat Sin, Tidus joins summoner Yuna onContinue Reading

Rinoa and Angelo

Rinoa Heartilly (and Angelo) from Final Fantasy VIII joins the roster of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT characters and will be the third DLC character to be included in the season pass, accompanying Locke and Vayne in August. Rinoa’s bravery attacks are as follows: Harpy Shoot, Vega Blast, Angelo Call, AngeloContinue Reading