Final Fantasy XIV Online: ‘Dawntrail’ Expansion to Launch in Summer 2024

LOS ANGELES (July 28, 2023) – Square Enix is making a significant announcement today regarding the highly acclaimed MMO, Final Fantasy XIV Online. The company is set to launch the fifth expansion pack, titled “Dawntrail,” in Summer 2024.

Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida unveiled the expansion during his keynote address at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas. Accompanied by a new teaser trailer, players got a glimpse of the forthcoming adventures as the Warrior of Light explores the New World, Tural, for the very first time. The trailer can be viewed below:

The Dawntrail expansion promises an array of fresh content, including an increased level cap, multiple new jobs, expansive new areas such as Urqopacha and Yak T’el, new allied tribes like the Pelupelu, and additional core battle content like FATEs, Hunts, Treasure Hunts, and sidequests. Some of the exciting features to expect include:

  • Journey to the New World, Tural, and its capital, Tuliyollal
  • Exploration of new areas, including the mountainous Urqopacha and the forest of Yak T’el
  • Introduction of the diminutive Pelupelu tribe with distinctive masks, inhabiting Urqopacha
  • An increase in the level cap from 90 to 100
  • Multiple new jobs to master
  • Core battle content encompassing FATEs, Hunts, Treasure Hunts, and Sidequests
  • New Dungeons to conquer
  • Encounter with new threats, including Valigarmanda
  • Duty Support Update for enhanced gameplay experience
  • Introduction of new gear and recipes
  • Expansive new lifestyle content
  • New Variant Dungeons, Alliance Raid, 8-Player Raid, and Ultimate Raid to challenge players
  • PvP Update to cater to competitive gameplay
  • Ongoing Content Updates, including Blue Mage Update, Hildibrand Adventures expansion, new plans for Deep Dungeons, and a Gold Saucer Update

Beyond the content, Dawntrail will also bring the game’s first graphical update for both character and world visuals, including improvements to screen-wide aesthetic appeal, higher resolution textures and shadows, and enhanced material qualities.

During the keynote, an expansion to the existing Final Fantasy XIV Online Free Trial was also announced. The Even Further Expanded Free Trial, to be launched during Patch 6.5, will incorporate all content from the Stormblood expansion (and updates through Patch 4.58). Newcomers will be able to explore the game up to level 70 with no playtime restrictions and gain access to playable jobs like Red Mage and Samurai.

In a surprising revelation, Yoshida was joined on stage by Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer to confirm the long-awaited launch of the Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV Online. The game will arrive on Xbox Series X|S in Spring 2024, with an open beta set to begin during the Patch 6.5x series. The digital-only release will also feature 4K support on Xbox Series X. More details will be revealed, and updates can be found at:

Additionally, an exciting collaboration with Mediatonic’s party royale obstacle course game, Fall Guys, was disclosed. The “Warriors of Light Fame Pass” is scheduled to debut in Fall Guys on August 22, 2023, while a new Fall Guys-inspired Gold Saucer attraction will be added to Final Fantasy XIV Online as part of the Patch 6.5x series. For more information about the collaboration, visit:

The Warriors of Light Fame Pass Trailer can be viewed here

For further details on Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, including press assets, please visit:

With an impressive total of over 27 million registered players, there has never been a better time for newcomers to embark on their adventures in the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV Online saga. The expanded Free Trial now encompasses all content from A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward expansion (and updates through Patch 3.56). Additionally, players can enjoy an extra playable race, Au Ra, and three additional playable jobs—Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist. Free Trial players can immerse themselves in hundreds of hours of award-winning gameplay and story experiences, equivalent to two full Final Fantasy titles, with no playtime restrictions. More information about the Free Trial can be found at: