In the KHPlanet community, we are getting close to banging our heads on the wall because of the long wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. So, I will be your gaming doctor and give you a prescription of Nier and Final Fantasy XIII. Nier (PS3, 360) Nier takes place in aContinue Reading

With this news I could sort of cry about. Some of you are probably wonder what could Final Fantasy Versus XIII have to do with Kingdom Hearts. Well let me explain, the team working on this game is the same team behind Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, the teamContinue Reading

Final Fantasy Character One of the coolest things about the Kingdom Hearts series is that Final Fantasy characters from all games and of all levels of importance fit perfectly into the logic of the story, being that all these unique people are from different worlds, just as Sora is. SinceContinue Reading

Final Fantasy Iphone Some more great goodies for Iphone/Ipod users, yes that’s right both Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2 which were both originally released on the NES in Japan back in 1987 and 1988 are heading over for the first time ever to the iphone and ipod. NoContinue Reading

Square Enix Games Welcome to a new year and another great lineup of video games from our heroes over at Square Enix! Sure, some of the games we were promised last year have been delayed, but I’m happy to say most have definitive release dates now, so check out someContinue Reading

Square Enix and Xbox 360 Hiroshi Takai, involved with battle design for Legend of Mana (PS2), co-directing The Bouncer (PS2) and  directing The Last Remnant (Xbox 360), which came out in 2008, recently was interviewed by journalists about The Last Remnant and asking why they made a 360 exclusive. “It’s beenContinue Reading

Hey guys, I thought that all of you would want to hear this. The Playstation Network (PSN) for the PS3 has just released “The first official FFXIII trailer.” Odd, most of us already know that there is already at least one trailer already out for it. What it should say is,”NewContinue Reading

Hi, I just wanted to post about the great games coming out next year from Square Enix and 2009 has a fantastic lineup of games coming out from the company.   Square Enix Games Here, I will be listing all Square Enix Games ranging from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, andContinue Reading