Hey guys, I thought that all of you would want to hear this. The Playstation Network (PSN) for the PS3 has just released “The first official FFXIII trailer.” Odd, most of us already know that there is already¬†at least one trailer already out for it. What it should say is,”NewContinue Reading

Hi, I just wanted to post about the great games coming out next year from Square Enix and 2009 has a fantastic lineup of games coming out from the company.   Square Enix Games Here, I will be listing all Square Enix Games ranging from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, andContinue Reading

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is an amazing and forthcoming Square Enix title, and we at KHPlanet are going to tell you just how amazing this game really is. We have not one, but two Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers for you. One is a Fight Trailer and the other isContinue Reading

As featured on the Cloud DVD, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children footage of Cloud and Sephiroth’s final showdown as well as a DVD / Blu Ray quality comparison clip. For those who don’t know, Final Fantasy VII will be a cinematic movie that proceeds and concludes the events of FinalContinue Reading

One of the Fabula Nova Crystallis titles, Final Fantasy XIII, which Square-Enix’s is adding to its latest compilation. The game features the pink-haired commando character, Lightning, who will be the main protagonist of the series.¬†Enjoy the stunning effects of the latest trailer and watch as Lightning performs her ‘killer’ movesContinue Reading