The boys from Final Fantasy XV fight against and alongside Aranea Highwind in the main game, and now she joins the list of Heroes you can control in the mobile spin-off title A New Empire.  She is the fifth member to play as, and second female character you can use to fightContinue Reading

FFXV Alternative Time Report

Square Enix hosted their live Final Fantasy XV Alternative Time Report today broadcasted on NicoNico. The program’s overview was to commemorate the release of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Special guests included Final Fantasy XV’s director, Hajime Tabata and Tekken 7’s director, Kikihiro Harada. The broadcastContinue Reading

Final Fantasy XV Key Art

Final Fantasy XV Window Edition officially releases March 6, 2018 for STEAM, Origin and Windows 10 and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for the Xbox One and PS4. Both editions includes the base game, all Season Pass content released since launch, expanded map, new areas and more. Final Fantasy XVContinue Reading

Final Fantasy XV

Smartphone users got a surprise today as the Apple and Google Play stores released the highly anticipated mobile version of Final Fantasy XV one day before the scheduled date of release.  Pocket Edition became available to those with compatible devices, and the first episode of the game is free! Continue reading toContinue Reading

Tekken 7 - Noctis FFXV 02

Bandai Namco Entertainment officially reveals Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV to be joining the roster of fighters in Tekken 7 on March 20 2018. The trailer was revealed at the Tekken World Tour Finals. Purchasing a season pass will secure the characters, Geese Howard and Noctis. Noctis LucisContinue Reading

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

One of the side projects tied in with Final Fantasy XV is the “Pocket Edition”.  It is meant to bring the story of the console game straight to your smartphone or mobile device.  And now Square Enix has uploaded a video on its North American YouTube channel a video featuring detailsContinue Reading


Fans of Ignis from Final Fantasy XV have been waiting for what seems like forever for his story arc, and it is finally on its way!  Through a video posted on Facebook today, the release date for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis was revealed, as well as some footage of whatContinue Reading


Ever since Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was released, players have been calling for Prompto to be a playable hero.  Well, the wait is finally over!  The blonde paparazzo became available for use less than a week ago, and now we are able to see what advantages there are toContinue Reading

FFXV Comrades Key Art

We previously mentioned that Final Fantasy XV: Comrades will be the game’s first online multiplayer expansion on October 31 2017. The setting takes place after the disappearance of Noctis and players take the role of a survivor from the Kingsglaive. As members of the Kingsglaive, players are equipped with royalContinue Reading