Prompto is now playable in A New Empire


Ever since Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was released, players have been calling for Prompto to be a playable hero.  Well, the wait is finally over!  The blonde paparazzo became available for use less than a week ago, and now we are able to see what advantages there are to using the photog instead of Noctis.  Plus, are there plans for more heroes from the series to be unlocked in the future?  Continue reading for more information.

While Prince Noctis specializes in economy boosts and all-around combat, Prompto specializes in topics like Attack and Mobility.  His Skill Tree features increased march speed to and from targets, increasing the attack strength of the troops marching (Warriors, Mages, Cavalry, and Siege Engines), and increasing the speed of rallies and scouts to and from their destinations.  He also has an Armor-piercing ability, making decimating your opponent’s troops that much easier.

In order to unlock Prompto and have him join your cause, it will either cost you a pretty penny (on my game file, it will cost me $99.99 USD), or you may be able to unlock him by using a chest obtained through defeating an enemy or via the Casino or Proving Grounds.  You just need to find or purchase one Prompto Hero Unlock, and he is yours to command, should you choose to give Noctis a break.

One advantage to having both Noctis and Prompto at your disposal is that you can switch between the two depending on the situation.

If you want to get your March to its destination faster, then use Prompto.  If you want to be able to gather more resources, then Noctis may be more suitable.  Having Prompto be released as a playable Hero actually comes as a bit of a surprise.  The Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire in-game blog had hinted at Gladiolus and Lunafreya becoming playable Heroes soon, and maybe they still will be.  Are there other characters you’d like to see become playable?  What are your thoughts to Prompto joining the game?  Leave your comments down below, or on our forums site.