Are you excited about Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix’s release? Because, Square Enix will not let up. Square Enix has decided to bless us with 17 high quality screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Re Coded Screenshots, which will appear in High Definition cinematic cut scene. These scans were brought to usContinue Reading

We have a variety of scans from Famitsu and V-Jump. The contents of these scans arise questions and interest. In the scans, you will recognize familiar faces and worlds. There are a few scenes and gameplay as well. They may contain spoilers, but it is risk well taken. In theContinue Reading

Axel Quinton Flynn, the voice of Axel, has recently been on a Kingdom Hearts podcast called Organization XIII Podcast and he has confirmed that he has not been contacted about any future Kingdom Hearts projects. So, at this very moment, Axel fans, the character will not be returning any timeContinue Reading

Axel I distinctly remember, back in high school, our French class was doing a project to learn how to write and pronounce family members and we were asked to make a family tree with these titles. Since we had been allowed to use any sorts of pictures, one girl, andContinue Reading

The introduction of Organization XIII into the Kingdom Hearts franchise created endless possibilities for the continuing of Sora’s story and adventure. Thirteen new, mysterious and tricky villains would harbor new obstacles, worlds, possibilities, and alliances in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Although having said that even something as fresh andContinue Reading

Quiton Flynn

Well this is some unexpected news. Quinton Flynn, the actor who has voiced Axel in both Kingdom Hearts 2 and Re: Chain of Memories has confirmed that he will be playing the role of our favorite red head once again in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. With this bit of newsContinue Reading

Hi people,recently the Jump Festa 2009 event took place and we have the news on what’s going on in the world of KH. The first game we will cover is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. First off,the Japanese release date has changed,from Febuary to Spring 2009.Also a new image has beenContinue Reading