Square Enix Japan has provided the latest information on their online bookstore featuring Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] first official novel, “Side Sora“. The novel’s release is due June 28, 2012 for a price of ¥800 or approximately $10 USD. Side Sora   The novel’s description provided on theContinue Reading

Do you remember the previous Kingdom Hearts 3D Screenshots that we’ve reported a few days ago? Well, Square-Enix France has recently uploaded more English KH3D Screenshots onto their Official Facebook page. The worlds included in the screenshots are The Country of Musketeers and La Cite des Cloches. More updates areContinue Reading

Square-Enix has announced KH 3D Mark of Mastery Edition for North America. It’s official name is “Mark of Mastery Edition”. You can pre-order this Special Edition from retailers such as Amazon. For the price of $54.99, the edition contains: A copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] A branded clearContinue Reading

As the KH3D release draws near, we begin to see more of the game’s International Development. Square-Enix has recently released an English version of the trailer which premiered in February. The two trailers are consistent except this one has English vocals. This update was brought about through the official NorthContinue Reading

Square Enix France have updated their Facebook page with English KH3D screenshots. They contain characters from The World Ends With You, Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme, and Joshua, respectively. Enjoy the images below! English Kh3D Screenshots For more information on KH3D Screenshots, or Kingdom Hearts in general, stay tune to ourContinue Reading

Various retailer such as Amazon, Walmart and EB Games Canada have announced a special and one time only Kingdom Hearts 3D Pre Order Bonus. What the pre order will get you for each retailer are a set of AR Cards which give the player specific Dream Eater companions within theContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo As we know, Kingdom Hearts 3D was released several weeks ago in Japan. Square-Enix Japan has announced a Kingdom Hearts 3D demo for the game via Nintendo e-shop on May 2nd. You will be able to control Sora in an area of Traverse Town, and youContinue Reading

Patch support and folders will be available for the 3DS via a 3DS firmware update on the 25th. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo CEO went into detail today on Nintendo Direct broadcast. Folders will be accessible on the 3DS home menu. They are able to categorize data. A folder holds up toContinue Reading

At Nintendo Direct European Conference, we have learned that the European Kingdom Hearts 3D release date is July 20th 2012! The first English footage of Dream Drop Distance was present during the event. Check it out! European Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Date English Trailer For more information on European KingdomContinue Reading

Square Enix has updated the JPN Official Kingdom Hearts 3D Site with some additional content. Extra Section contains screen-shots, reports, and special Kingdom Hearts 3D AR cards. Character Section has new Dream Eaters such as Meowjesty (Kingdanyan), Ursa Circus (Kuma Dadaiseekasu), Sudo Neku (Nekuppoi), , Taiou Kabuto, Vacation Seal andContinue Reading