Kingdom Hearts 3D AR Cards Site Update

Square Enix has updated the JPN Official Kingdom Hearts 3D Site with some additional content.

  • Extra Section contains screen-shots, reports, and special Kingdom Hearts 3D AR cards.
  • Character Section has new Dream Eaters such as Meowjesty (Kingdanyan), Ursa Circus (Kuma Dadaiseekasu), Sudo Neku (Nekuppoi), , Taiou Kabuto, Vacation Seal and Furuushi Cat.
  • World Section is updated with The World That Never Was.

Kingdom Hearts 3D AR Cards Extra Section

KH3D Riku, Yen Sid and Mickey Screenshot KH3D Opening SceneKH3D Trophy

Meowjesty AR Card in action Sora KH3D Gameplay Screenshot KH3D Journal and Log Entries

Character Section

Kingdom Hearts 3D AR cardsMeowjesty renderMeowjesty Screenshot

Kingdom Hearts 3D AR cardsSudo Neku RenderSudo Neku Screenshot

Kingdom Hearts 3D AR cardUrsa Circus RenderUrsa Circus Screenshot

I’ll continue adding renders and screen-shots as I finish.

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