English KH3D Screenshots

Square Enix France have updated their Facebook page with English KH3D screenshots. They contain characters from The World Ends With You, Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme, and Joshua, respectively. Enjoy the images below!

English Kh3D Screenshots

Beat KH3D Screenshots 01Traverse Town KH3D Screenshot 02Shiki KH3D Screenshot 03Shiki and Beat KH3D Screenshot 04
Shiki and Riku KH3D Screenshot 05Rhyme Render KH3D Screenshot 06Neku Render KH3D Screenshot 07Sora, Neku Cat, Neku KH3D Screenshot 08
Sora and Neku KH3D Screenshot 09Joshua Render KH3D Screenshot 10Sora, Joshua, Rhyme KH3D Screenshot 11Joshua KH3D Screenshot 12
Beat Render KH3D Screenshot 13Riku Beat Joshua KH3D Screenshot 14

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