Balan Wonderworld

  Square Enix has announced that a free demo for Balan Wonderworld – the new action-platformer from the creators of Sonic The Hedgehog – will be playable on January 28th, and will allow players to experience two hours of gameplay before the games release on March 26th. You’ll be ableContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX at Square Enix Booth at E3 2014

It’s that time of the year where  game developers, manufacturers, and game-lovers come together and have a good ole time: interviewing, playing demos, watching trailers, and showcasings. I’m talking E3 Expo 2014. KHPlanet will not be attending E3 2014, but we can still deliver you excellent coverage on what isContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo As we know, Kingdom Hearts 3D was released several weeks ago in Japan. Square-Enix Japan has announced a Kingdom Hearts 3D demo for the game via Nintendo e-shop on May 2nd. You will be able to control Sora in an area of Traverse Town, and youContinue Reading

PAX EAST consists of various gaming festivals held in both Seattle and Boston. PAX East 2012 had featured a Kingdom Hearts 3D demo, apparently press only. Gamezone was able to play the hands-on demo although completely Japanese. Regardless of the circumstance, they gave their impressions of the new sequel. TheatrhythmContinue Reading

Hi people,recently the Jump Festa 2009 event took place and we have the news on what’s going on in the world of KH. The first game we will cover is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. First off,the Japanese release date has changed,from Febuary to Spring 2009.Also a new image has beenContinue Reading