Onward Family KHUX

Disney and Pixar’s latest animated feature release in Japan – Onward was announced in a new collaboration themed event. Taking place in the highly popular mobile-RPG Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross]. Until September 1st, players can engage in challenges that will gain them in-game medals. Modeled after the films leadContinue Reading

KHUX Available Now Worldwide

It’s official. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is available worldwide, more specifically in Europe and 100 other regions. For more information on the release, check our previous post. Square Enix also released a Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Trailer targeting players in the UK. See the trailer below: KHUX Available WorldwideContinue Reading


I’ve felt the need to address this “Save Error” because I’ve spent days myself grappling with it and I’ve seen plenty of comments about it as well. At the end of this post, there is a too long; didn’t read version of the post for my impatient readers. Note: Fixing this errorContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Logo

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is officially available now in North America. If you aren’t familiar with KH UX, there’s a message from Kingdom Hearts Director, Tetsuya Nomura, that summarizes the game in its entirety. Check out the images and the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Launch Trailer in addition to theContinue Reading