We have a variety of scans from Famitsu and V-Jump. The contents of these scans arise questions and interest. In the scans, you will recognize familiar faces and worlds. There are a few scenes and gameplay as well. They may contain spoilers, but it is risk well taken. In theContinue Reading

The Dream or Drop Campaign is a promotional site for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. You can become eligible to win various prizes by completing the quiz challenge. This quiz tests your knowledge of the entire Kingdom Hearts series. If you meet the required score, your name becomes entitled toContinue Reading

Tokyo is buzzing with culture, art, and business. Recently Tokyo contains something far greater, Kingdom Hearts 3D. Square Enix has been promoting Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance all around Tokyo. Areas like Shibuya, Ikebukuro stations and Sofmap Akihabara are the few areas where game posters are hung. Square hasContinue Reading

Here is an update of the news from the following week. Dream Eaters are companions, who aid you in battle. When fighting, you and your Dream Eaters can perform devastating cooperative attacks. An individual Dream Eater has its own individual cooperative attack. For example: Koumori Bat It is a furryContinue Reading

KH 3D Premiere Event

Only hours before the KH3D Premiere Event, and we here at KHPlanet are on the edge of our seats. Unfortunately, we are not able to attend the event, but we will be eagerly reporting from our computer screens. As you all know, this premiere event is not only to showcaseContinue Reading

Hello everyone! It’s just a few hours until the big Kingdom Hearts 3D Premiere Event to start, but sorry this isn’t news on it YET! I do though have new KH3D screenshots from the new issue of Jump Magazine. This week issue has a few screen shots including Mickey andContinue Reading

Hey KHers, When was the last time that you’ve attended a fancy gaming premiere event. It’s been a while, or practically never. Well, Square Enix will be holding an Kingdom Hearts 3D Premiere Event, March 3rd for the 10th anniversary of the series. Also, in response to this special occasion,Continue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Date Well some exciting news today for you Keybladers! After all the anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3D, we MIGHT actually have a Release Date. The EBgames website has listed July 1st 2012 has the release date. This is HIGHLY possible to be the release date forContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D News Now that the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3D has been announced for Japan, Square Enix is now trying to push their agendas even more as it takes on the world by storm. Square Enix will be releasing a ten year anniversary Kingdom Hearts box thatContinue Reading

Now that Kingdom Hearts 3D will be coming soon, we just have to let everyone know about what is going on with the voice actors! KH3D Voice Actors Vincent Corazzi, the voice actor of Zexion/Ienzo was finished with his recording two weeks ago while Jesse David Corti, the voice actorContinue Reading