Utada Hikaru’s KHIII Theme Song

Utada Hikaru

Despite events in the past suggesting that the songstress that brought us to tears with the songs “Simple and Clean” and “Sanctuary” won’t be returning for future games, Utada Hikaru and Disney/Square Enix have come together once again for the theme song of Kingdom Hearts III.  The song is titled “Don’t Think Twice” and although it is just a short clip, it fits in beautifully with the scenes of the game. To watch the video for yourself, read on for more!

“Don’t Think Twice” by Utada Hikaru

Kingdom Hearts III Theme Song

And here are the lyrics featured in the song.

How did I live in a kingdom of thieves,

and people who say things they don’t really mean, really mean. Oh…

You’re only everything I ever dreamed, ever dreamed of, ever dreamed of

You must be kidding me did you really think I could say no.

I want you for a lifetime,

so if you’re gonna think twice, baby

I don’t wanna know, baby, I don’t wanna know

Everything is just fine, but if you’re gonna think twice, baby,

I don’t wanna know, baby, I don’t wanna know.

Along with the video featuring the song and clips from the game, it also includes a short scene with Riku and Mickey on the shore of a beach.  Riku stabs his Keyblade into the sand and says that he doesn’t need it any longer.  Instead, he says that the other him may need it, and walks away with Mickey standing there in awe over what just happened.

But more importantly, the song! Utada Hikaru’s “Don’t Think Twice” joins “Simple and Clean”, “Sanctuary”, and the several remixed version of “Simple and Clean” that have been a pivotal part of the games.  I will include the original versions featured on Utada’s YouTubeVEVO channel, because in my opinion, they are better.  But you can always search the Kingdom Hearts games versions on your own.

What are your thoughts on Utada Hikaru’s song for Kingdom Hearts III?  Let us know in the comments section below, or on our forums site!