In 2010, Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, one of the most anticipated PSP games of it’s time. Birth By Sleep tells the story of three young Keyblade wielders Terra, Ventus, and Aqua as they set out to begin their Mark of Mastery exam.  Chronologically, Birth By Sleep is a prequelContinue Reading

Are you excited about Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix’s release? Because, Square Enix will not let up. Square Enix has decided to bless us with 17 high quality screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Re Coded Screenshots, which will appear in High Definition cinematic cut scene. These scans were brought to usContinue Reading

This article is in response to Luke Frazier of the Gamer Association. He states in his article, “Five Reasons to Keep Multiplayer Out of Kingdom Hearts 3”, that Kingdom Hearts 3 should not have multiplayer because it would take away time from the development of the third game and that peopleContinue Reading

Do you remember the previous Kingdom Hearts 3D Screenshots that we’ve reported a few days ago? Well, Square-Enix France has recently uploaded more English KH3D Screenshots onto their Official Facebook page. The worlds included in the screenshots are The Country of Musketeers and La Cite des Cloches. More updates areContinue Reading

As you all know, Kingdom Hearts is known for its secret ending. It’s either in the form of beating the game at a higher difficulty or collecting all known items. Well, Kingdom Hearts 3D is no different. The Kingdom Hearts 3D Secret Ending is on Youtube. And now for theContinue Reading

We have a variety of scans from Famitsu and V-Jump. The contents of these scans arise questions and interest. In the scans, you will recognize familiar faces and worlds. There are a few scenes and gameplay as well. They may contain spoilers, but it is risk well taken. In theContinue Reading

Hello everyone! It’s just a few hours until the big Kingdom Hearts 3D Premiere Event to start, but sorry this isn’t news on it YET! I do though have new KH3D screenshots from the new issue of Jump Magazine. This week issue has a few screen shots including Mickey andContinue Reading

Websites, games radar and VE3tro have been releasing new screenshots of Birth By Sleep, including those with English subtitles. Check out a few nice shots here. Image 1: Shows the world, Radiant Gardens, and a King Mickey wielding the StarSeeker keyblade defending a Kairi and Aqua. The caption is KingContinue Reading

Hi people,recently the Jump Festa 2009 event took place and we have the news on what’s going on in the world of KH. The first game we will cover is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. First off,the Japanese release date has changed,from Febuary to Spring 2009.Also a new image has beenContinue Reading

New 358/2 Days Scans Hey everyone, thanks for patiently waiting for these! And yes, you’ve guessed it. KHPlanet has brought you brand new scans thanks to our friends over at KHinsider. These Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days scans came from Nintendo Dream Magazine and they feature a four page article onContinue Reading