LiS True Colors

At Square Enix’s showcase livestream “Square Enix Presents”, Life is Strange: True Colors was announced. It’s the next installment in the award-winning franchise created by Deck Nine Games, the developers behind Life is Strange: Before the Storm, in collaboration with Square Enix External Studios. Presented by musical artist and socialContinue Reading

Life is Strange Logo

The critically acclaimed five part episodic choice driven game, Life Is Strange is available for pre-register for Android users. According to Square Enix, the official release is unknown at the moment but sometime in July, Android players will be able to play all five episodes with controller support, exclusive toContinue Reading

Life is Strange Before the Storm - Vinyl Edition

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Limited Edition is available now! Experience Before the Storm Episode 1 – 3, bonus Episode (Farewell), original soundtrack, physical artbook and in-game content such as Mixtape Mode and Outfit Pack. Also, the Vinyl Edition of Life is Strange: Before the Storm (available March 9th)Continue Reading

Indie Folk Band Daughter

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm has recently released the first episode of its three part trilogy and as promised, Daughter, British indie folk band, has released their music score album that is featured in Before The Storm. You can listen to it here. Also check out what various mediaContinue Reading