Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSN

So this article is a day early and 6 days late. So you’re welcome, and my greatest apologies. Anyways here’s the news for the past two weeks.

~KHPlanet Forums News-

In forums news, nothing big from the forums staff has been announced, however due to comments from various members, we will now be including Square Enix overall news. I not being a huge fan of Square Enix other games such as Final Fantasy, will probably not be covering a whole lot of it, however you can count on some small stuff from them.

In other news, I’m going to restart up the fanfics contest. It wasn’t the greatest success for one reason, many people submitted stuff but none of them were spell checked.

So please people spell check your work if you want it to be put up here. I am not an editor, I will not edit your story, it’ll be posted as is and it will be a huge embarrassment to you.

~Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSN?

In a discussion with Tetsuya Normura, the Kingdom Hearts creator, he was asked about why the prequel game, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, was not released for the PSN, the only way PSP-Go players could play the game. Normura replied with “It’s difficult of a reason, because I don’t know.” However PSP-Go players may see the game appear on the PSN, Normura just “needs more time”.

~Dissidia 012-

Squall’s New Look Squall’s scoring some new clothes in a download code. Players will be able to play as our favorite “Leon” in Dissidia. Through this download, Squall is getting the clothes worn by Leon, the name he has in Kingdom Hearts series, to run around in.

This download code is accessible through two sources; V-Jump magazine in Japan and Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy. There’s no known way that Americans and other North American fans will be able to score this code quite yet.

That’s all for the news. It’s been pretty quiet in Kingdom Hearts news due to Square Enix being hush, hush on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. For more information about Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSN, check back at