More TWEWY Updates

More TWEWY updates from KHPlanet! Takeharu Ishimoto has never ceased in amazing his fans! Anyone who lives in Japan can go to a live concert that holds “The World Ends with You” music. The concert will be at the Shibuya O-West on November 26th, 2012. If that is not enough, Mr. Ishimoto has a special surprise!Continue Reading

TWEWY Teaser There is a new teaser site for The World Ends With You. It looks to be the same as the previous teaser, but the numbers, except Zero, are unable to be seen. The strangest thing about the timer, however, is that it seems to be counting up,  instead of down,Continue Reading

Kingdom Hearts Music Update

Square Enix Music As there is a lot of music being produced in the gaming industry, there is one album that is catching many interests. The London Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing many memorable and loveable music pieces from different games which will be released on November 6th, 2012. What isContinue Reading

TWEWY Solo Remix

A New TWEWY Solo Remix was released by Takeharu Ishimoto! The remix consists of: TWEWY Solo Remix   “Three Minute Clapping”, “Make or Break (Black Box)”, and “Deja vu”. This is  big news! You can listen to the music by going to the site: Takeharu Ishimoto is also showing the coverContinue Reading

TWEWY Screenshot An exclusive screenshot from the new IOS game, The World Ends With You-  Solo Remix, could allude to a sequel  or prequel to the bestselling game. The image depicts a young girl, whose relevance to the plot is unknown, standing in front of the 104 building. Written onContinue Reading

The seven day countdown has past and there seems to be no sequel to The World Ends With You quite yet but on a positive note; Square-Enix has been in production of an iOS version of The World Ends With You, called The World Ends With You Solo Remix. ItContinue Reading

The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You The World Ends With You rumors might just as well be true! Square-Enix Japan has recently launched a teaser site for the supposedly upcoming The World Ends With You sequel. The page contains an abstruse cityscape and re-mixed versions of the original game’s soundtrack thatContinue Reading

Square Enix France have updated their Facebook page with English KH3D screenshots. They contain characters from The World Ends With You, Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme, and Joshua, respectively. Enjoy the images below! English Kh3D Screenshots For more information on KH3D Screenshots, or Kingdom Hearts in general, stay tune to ourContinue Reading

The World Ends With You 2 Siliconera have stated in a new post that they will be unveiling a new Square-Enix game which will “surprise you.” There are no other hints but there have been two factors that hint towards The World Ends With You 2. Firstly, Kingdom Hearts haveContinue Reading

For those who are The World Ends With You fans, the cameo appearances of its characters in Dream Drop Distance may turn out to be more. The latest issue of Nintendo Dream features Tetsuya Nomura, the main creative drive in both games, stated and suggested a possible sequel. He commentedContinue Reading