Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Logo

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is officially available now in North America. If you aren’t familiar with KH UX, there’s a message from Kingdom Hearts Director, Tetsuya Nomura, that summarizes the game in its entirety. Check out the images and the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Launch Trailer in addition to theContinue Reading

KH Happy Holidays

Thanks to KH Insider, fans had the opportunity to have their questions answered by the director of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura. As per usual, we have provided a too long; didn’t read version of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Interview and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Interview. The full interview can be foundContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 Attraction Flow Buzz LightYear

D23 Expo is a massive Disney Fan Event owned by The Walt Disney Company. A special premiere was held for Kingdom Hearts labeled Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater. At the event, there was a live performance of Kingdom Hearts Composer, Yoko Shimomura and Final Fantasy Musician, Hiroyuki Nakayama. Kingdom Hearts ExecutiveContinue Reading

Disney Infinity 3.0 King Mickey Costume

Disney Infinity is officially giving away 100 King Mickey Power Discs. Previously, John Vignocchi explained that these King Mickey Power Discs would never be made again and were specifically for the D23 audience, but the people at Disney Infinity sure changed their tune! They still hold onto the idea thatContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts Unversed Flood Plush Doll 01

The Flood Unversed Plush Doll releases September 26 2015 (Japan, of course). Previously Square Enix Merchandising Manager, Hidemi Matsuzuka, teased us with a sample of the loveable Unversed Plush Doll. Well, it would seem now; it is a reality! You’ll be order the plush doll at Square Enix’s eStore. Don’tContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 2 Volume 10

Alright manga-lovers! Kingdom Hearts 2 Volume 10 will officially be released August 22 2015 in Japan. This will be the manga’s final volume after 8 long years (going on 9) of publication. The official cover art of the 10th volume can also be viewed in the image above, illustrated byContinue Reading

Meet and Greet Yoko Shimomura

Yoko Shimomura, the composer of the Kingdom Hearts series and Final Fantasy 15, will be at Gamescom, the largest European game fair. The first lucky 50 have a chance for a meet and greet with the composer herself to ask questions, take pictures, get their merchandise autographed, and win exclusiveContinue Reading

Today, Disney announced some of their key headliners for D23 Expo in Anaheim which includes Kingdom Hearts 3! According to Disney, Square Enix will be bringing in special guests and NEW information on Kingdom Hearts 3! If Square Enix’s history with special guests mean anything, then those “special guests” areContinue Reading