Despite the insane love, Square-Enix have been showing their gamers; for example,  producing 358/2 Days that pleased all of the Organization XIII fans and Birth By Sleep to deepen the universe of Kingdom Hearts by introducing ‘keyblade apprentices’ as well as princesses we’ve only glimpsed at, such as Cinderella, it’s still obvious that fans want a Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, Sora is a tough protagonist to top!

Nomura and Kingdom Hearts 3

Nomura recently spoke with the Japanese magazine, Famitsu and was quoted with saying, “Regarding [Kingdom Hearts] 3, fans and partners alike are pressing us for it, so we’ll work to realize it as soon as possible.” (Quote according to Gaming Union)

The article can be found here. Link is provided by KH Insider with the Famitsu magazine translated by Tomogirl.

Let us all wish Nomura and his team the best of luck with their future work on the Kingdom Hearts series!

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