Good evening everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying your day, I know for Kingdom Hearts fans over in Japan sure are!

Kingdom Hearts Re Coded Release

Today (technically tomorrow, but it’s going on right now for Japanese people) was Kingdom Hearts Re Coded Release Day over in Japan. For quite a few days though, folks in Japan have been celebrating the release. Which one of is this statue they had outside the Disney Store. From a few of the pictures the scene looked mighty busy.

A date was all announced that North American fans can get their hands on Re:Coded. The release date is January 11, 2011. So I hope you’re psyched about that!

Moving along, a small short little interview (more like a couple questions) with Kingdom Hearts Kato and Ito…

Q. About when and how did the Re:Coded project begin?

A. We were considering the fact that there were a lot of people that who wanted to try out Coded outside of the mobile phone version, so from about October of last year we started development together with H.a.n.d. on the DS version. ~Kato

Q. Finally, any messages for the players of Re:Coded?

A. You can change your avatar’s outfits using the touch pen, so you can get quite detailed. You can use the pen to add tiny parts like “Cid’s toothpick” and other things make sure to check it out. ~Ito

Also some information on the next Ultimania…

Complete walkthroughs of every boss, which are fought in a variety of styles from side-scroll action and 3D shooting to turn style RPG battles!

Complete guide to the over 800 Avatar Kingdom side game parts!

And as tradition, the series director Tetsuya Nomura shares an interview, shedding light on the mysteries of the game as well as remarks about the future of the series that can’t be ignored!

The minute this article is published and translation are made; we’ll fill you in on the information!

So quite a bit of news, those of you “digging” the statue you can find more of the picture here.

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