It’s been a week since the latest patch of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood released October 10th labeled “The Legend Returns“. This patch, Patch 4.1 introduces major updates to Rabanastre along with fierce and powerful new foes as well as continuing the storyline in which we pick up immediately following the liberation of Ala Mhigo.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood The Legend Returns

Additionally, there are new challenges for players such as a new Shinryu trial, The Minstrel’s Ballard: Shinryu’s Domain and The Unending Coil of Bahamut(Ultimate) which is part of the “Ultimate” battle series.

Furthermore, the alliance raid series, “Return to Ivalice” is introduced. The setting is within the ruins of the city Rabanastre. The Return to Ivalice monster was designed by Keita Amemiya, creator of Garo television and film series.

Other content featured within Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood The Legend Returns include:

  • Adventurer Squadrons – Players explore various dungeons with up to 3 squadron members while issuing commands
  • New Housing Area: “Shirogane” – Players can purchase real estate or relocate to this new Eastern themed housing area
  • New PvP Mode: Rival Wings – Two teams of 24 players battle to destroy the opposing team’s tower. Goblin creations such as Oppressor and Cruise Chaser can be piloted by players.
  • Battle Adjustments – Yoshida depicts various samples of changes and adjustments to job actions
  • System Enhancements – The introduction of cross-world Friends list and /tell communication, updates to HUD customization, job gauge displays, cross-world alliances and custom PvP matchs, and Party Finder adjustments.
  • “Perform” – Bards can create their own songs through hotbar actions that play musical notes

New Minions

New Hairstyles