With Dissidia Final Fantasy NT out on PS4, it is only right to bring some light to the game Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia as well.  The game has been out in Japan for a year, and became available to players in the rest of the world last week.  I took thisContinue Reading

With us well into the 2009 we thought we’d spend some time reminding everyone about all the great titles scheduled for the rest of the year. This could possibly be one of the best years for Square Enix Games fans so read on for a full breakdown of the gamesContinue Reading

Apart from Christmas,something else that’s coming soon is the game that nobody can pronounce. Dissidia (if you didn’t know already) is an action game combining the heroes and villains of the Final Fantasy series on the PSP. Here is a quote from wikipedia: Character movement is fully functional within theContinue Reading