Dissidia Is Coming!!!

Apart from Christmas,something else that’s coming soon is the game that nobody can pronounce.

Dissidia (if you didn’t know already) is an action game combining the heroes and villains of the Final Fantasy series on the PSP. Here is a quote from wikipedia:

Character movement is fully functional within the three-dimensional field map. Characters are able to perform special maneuvers using the environment, similar to the Reaction Command feature of Kingdom Hearts II. Traps with a variety of ill effects can be found throughout the arena.


Similar to many fighting games, the aim is for the player to reduce their opponent’s HP to zero. A character’s offensive (and, to a lesser extent, defensive) power is shown in numerical form called BP or “Brave Points“. Both characters start out with equal BP, and each must steal BP from their opponent by attacking them with the basic “assist attack” to add it to their own total and gain the upper hand. Players can then use the “HP attack” to cause direct damage to their opponent; the higher their BP, the more damage they inflict. A character whose BP have been depleted is forced into “Break mode“, where, aside from not being able to cause HP damage, all attacks made against them cause critical damage.

One main feature of the combat system is the “EX Gauge“, which can be filled in a variety of ways, such as inflicting damage on opponents, taking damage from opponents, and obtaining items scattered around the field of play. Once the EX Gauge is filled, the character can enter their “EX Mode“, significantly increasing their power and enabling new attacks, including the “EX Burst“, an unavoidable special attack similar to the Limit Break mechanic seen in many games in the series.

So when does it come?The answer is Summer 2009,yes,in Summer 2009 Dissidia will come to North America,no announcements have been,umm,announced by Square for Europe,though.Which is a shame.

Anyway,if your interested in the KH series,the FF series you should check this out.If your not a fan,you should check it out anyway.