Kingdom Hearts Release Dates – DKΣ3713 Event

Nothing like having a private invite party for the fans and that’s exactly what Square Enix did on the 2nd and 3rd August 2008. The two day DKΣ3713 Event was filled to the brim with announcements, trailers and playable demos, which for many die hard fans was a welcome release of both information and dates regarding some of Square Enix’s most anticipated games.

As expected the DKΣ3713 Event focused heavily on both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts but other titles such as Sigma Harmonics and The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve III) were also there.

So lets take a look at the Kingdom Hearts release dates for the Kingdom Hearts games which despite being tentative are still a good indication of when these games might be available for release.

Kingdom Hearts Release Dates – DKΣ3713 Event


Game Title Platform Release Date
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days Nintendo DS Winter 2008
Kingdom Hearts Coded Mobile Phones Winter 2008
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Sony PSP 2009



Kingdom Hearts Release Dates - DKΣ3713 Event
The Kingdom Hearts release dates mentioned are of course for Japan only, because the DKΣ3713 Event is Japanese exclusive, so when and whether these games will be released outside of Japan still remains a mystery. In fact whether Coded will even be released in the West seems quite doubtful as unlike Japan where mobile gaming is quite popular, the west is still very far behind.

For more information and articles surrounding the event be sure to check out some of the other sites such as IGN, GameSpot and KHInsider which have more details on the actual games, stories and trailers that were presented at the event. We’ll keep you posted on any major updates or Kingdom Hearts release dates at KHPlanet.