Final Fantasy XIV Online GO (Better than Pokemon GO)

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO

Note: Final Fantasy Online GO is not an actual game. It was an April Fool’s joke at Pokemon GO and in no way real.

Square Enix pokes fun at Pokemon GO through Final Fantasy XIV Online GO trailer aka Gathering Outdoors. According to Haimirich Fishner, Square Enix VP of Innovation “Final Fantasy XIV Online has always been about giving the players the most immersive MMORPG experience but we wanted to take that immersion to the next level.”. And indeed they have, players can gather natural resources as a miner, botanist or fisher says Adalberta Gardner, Lead Designer of Amajina Apps. Here’s why it’ll surpass its Pokemon GO counterpart. Players are sent notifications directly to their devices with the location of gathering nodes where they can meet up with friends and harvest resources. But wait, there’s more! A “harvesting stick”, no not a selfie stick, as Futoshi Ito, mind guru in chief of Fufucha design, assures us, is an accessories that transforms our devices into an actual mining hammer, botanist axe or fishing rod, so slamming your phone into rocks, trees, and water are no problem. Forget warranties! It’ll boost / guarantee your resource gathering and possibly irreversible damage to your device by 100%! I highly recommend this app for any just bought smartphone devices. April Fools!